Blocks firefoxs rendering the output from flash player, when beeing rendered on nvidia?? All showed the same strange bug. I am using windows 8. Any chance we could get a copy of your system’s dxdiag report? If we have the specs all in the same form. Memory Usage Battlefield 3 memory usage at different levels?

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Dubegbert Jun 23, Also, the game either starts clogging up RAM quite quickly or seems to be doing nothing at all, running at around 1. Installier mal treiber neu. This doesn’t happen when I visit other websites. I’m having the same problem right now.

The Nvidia card is only listed as PCI device. Kempas Feb 20, Also, fontroller we should see what drivers everyone’s using. A driver update may also improve stability and performance, or may fix issues with games, programs and power management. Also worth noting is that I didn’t have this issue initially I was able to play BF3 for 2 hours straight without issues but I have no idea what changed between then and now I think the only thing I did was install the Witcher 2 2nd generation intel core processor family dram controller 0104 steam and Sram not sure when it was last playable although I always run Raptr while playing so maybe I can check when my last long game session of BF3 was so I haven’t tried Windows Restore yet.

Any chance we could get a copy of your system’s dxdiag report?

Windows 8 Extremely High Memory Usage ~8GB!!!!! – [Solved] – Windows 8

Windows 8 appears to be a bridge in the gap between tablets and desktops, however this bridge called windows 8 is pretty lame. I had been playing Battlefield 3 previouslyon my old systemwith absolutely no problems since I got the game.

I’ll try Firefox and see what happens, and update my drivers. Over the years, over million scans have been runand all that data has been compiled to create our driver libraries. Then try to find this drivers either on the manufacturers web site, or on PC manufacturer’s web site, it may take a while.

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I am currently running Windows 8 RTM bit. Swizzmaster Aug 22, 2nd generation intel core processor family dram controller 0104, All showed the same strange bug.

I have disable all active live titles updating. DarkOutlaw Prcessor 30,6: I have noticed that when this happens, my memory usage is insane I’ll post some links to screenshots at the end of this post so I imagine this is probably what’s causing the issue. Intel R Wireless-N 2.

Intel Driver Downloads

Might do some stress-testing again this weekend if you know what I meanas I don’t have to work, yay. I am getting the same problem too. However I have Nvidia graphics drivers so I don’t believe its the amd. Hello, yesterday, I tried playing some Games the first time with Win8 installed and ran into the same problem. Half a day without overloads, hope it stays that way. I’m looking into this.

So far i couldn’t fix this by updating or reinstalling older versions of flash player. Can’t find your answer?

OKas expected rebooting resolved the issue processof RAM usage but I think thatgoing forwardwe need familyy bring together a list of our configurations so we can link this thread to whoever is responsible and get it fixed.

Vaya Mar 20,1: Wenns nicht funktioniert dann schreib nochmal. You don’t have JavaScript enabled.

Hello johhny-marshal, the problem here is not a specifically high Jntel usage of W8 or its apps. Really wish I could just have XP back as half my old games wont even work with windows 7 or 8.

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