Basic functions Use the rollerbar to move the cursor on your screen. Use the scroll wheel in the middle to scroll and click. Updated 4 -4 All our RollerMouse products are designed to help you work safer, smarter and faster. Choose from five different speeds between dpi and dpi with the click of a button. Change the cursor speed with the touch of a button. If you find the keyboard is too low, simply add height to your keyboard by inserting the keyboard risers.

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Place your RollerMouse Free2 and keyboard a bit away With your RollerMouse Free2 correctly placed in front you, from you so your forearms rollermousee rest evenly on the table.

RollerMouse Free2 rollerkouse the cursor speed selection to the RollerMouse family. The RollerMouse Red is suitable for any workstation. Ladda ned version 3. By extending the lifetime of your old equipment you are also contributing to the contour rollermouse free2 use of resources and avoiding additional waste.

RollerMouse Free3 – Contour Design | Finland

Plug and play for Mac OS X. This can lead to neck, shoulder and elbow pain and contour rollermouse free2. Your size is determined by measuring from the tip of the middle finger to the first crease of contour rollermouse free2 wrist. Release the avoid accidential clicking while typing. If you want to make use of the return possibility, please follow the following instructions: If there is only a problem when RollerMouse is connected to your computer, then the problem is most likely with your computer.

In the user manuals you can find tips on contour rollermouse free2 to get started and how to adjust the keyboard to your RollerMouse. Asymmetrical reaching with one side of your body and not the other causes your muscle groups to compensate for the weight of your extended arm while reaching for a traditional mouse.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us. Min RollerMouse fungerar inte contour rollermouse free2 den ska. Most related problems can be rectified by cleaning around the sensor. It has five button functions and options for cursor speed, ranging from to dpi.

Add to my manuals Add.

The Shuttle forum can be found here. You are welcome to return any of our products that you desire within 30 days of your purchase, no questions asked. Will RollerMouse work with my computer?

To move the cursor left or right, simply slide the rollerbar contour rollermouse free2 to side. Beta Contour Mouse Driver: Yes, RollerMouse can work in conjunction with other mice, both external and integrated e. In this page you can find all the information you need about recycling electrical or contour rollermouse free2 equipment.


A sales representative rollermosue then contact you to arrange a trial. You do not need to register your product to be covered under the warranty. The small dot requires least amount of pressure to click, and the large dot requires most amount of pressure to click. Ladda ned 8 Rollermouee. RollerMouse Free2 is contour rollermouse free2 for users with larger dollermouse and broader shoulders.

Contour Design Contour RollerMouse Free2 | 01

Gratulerar till din nya RollerMouse. Why should I use a RollerMouse? The pairing process is kept secure contour rollermouse free2 the fact contour rollermouse free2 it happens only upon user request, and it is intentionally very short range which prevents eavesdropping.

Be sure to unplug the unit before cleaning to avoid unnecessary clicks. Contour rollermouse free2 the label around the buttons of your RollerMouse Free2. Most KVM switches must determine if the input device is a keyboard or mouse, which creates a problem when connecting a RollerMouse. With orllermouse driver turned off, make any changes you would make to your RollerMouse Red following the standard instructions listed in the user manual. Getting Started for help, see page 8. Directions for other customisations, such as click force frre2 volume only available in RollerMouse Red and Red plus can be found in your user manual.

ErgoCanada – Detailed Specification Page. RM-PRO2 with keyboard risers. RollerMouse Red is the most versatile RollerMouse to date.

I don’t know what size Contour Mouse I need. We will refund the full product cost.

RollerMouse Free2

You can also click with it. Ladda ned 1 MB. Ladda contour rollermouse free2 version 2. What keyboards are compatible with a RollerMouse? If no contact is made beyond the end of the trial period, Contour Design will assume intent to keep the product and charge the card given at the beginning of the trial period.

When you have worked with your RollerMouse for a little while, you might contour rollermouse free2 to adjust the speed and precision of rolletmouse cursor and the click response of the rollerbar. Ladda ned 6 MB. How can I return my old Contour Design fontour

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