When I wiggle it with a plastic pen it shows some trembling but I cant find exactly a position that stops the trembling of the light…. Try reconnecting the cable, it may help. Lastly, I get a very short flash of lights when trying to start the laptop on the battery. Unplug cables on both sides. What if you damage the screen? Erin, yep, it could be just a bad inverter board.

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Screws location might be different but general disassembly steps will be the same. I have my notebook on a flat, stable surface and with ample lighting for the dark-color laptop. OK, That is great for us to learn about repair laptop. I would try replacing it again easy fix before replacing the backlight lamp not easy fix.

Dell Latitude

My problems sound very similar to posts 8 and LCD inverter or backlight inverter. Mmodem one can tell. I have had the second inverter for a period of about 6 months, the same problem has occurred. However, I replaced the inverter, and the problem was not resolved.

Jason Denniston, The best way to test the inverter board would be replacing it with a known good one. Yes, it could be the backlight lamp failure but try replacing inverter first. One thing to note, when I turned on the computer after replacing the inverter, I heard a hissing from the bottom left of the screen.

Apparently there is a dell d630 modem device on high definition audio bus element on the LCD controller board and sometimes this element works fine.

Do you know if the same video defect appears on the external screen? Talk to your technician and ask what he did. The inverter did not fix it. Also when turning off, it flashes again, but only for a second.

I have an HP dvea notebook. Do you know where I could find the part number for it or do you happen to know? Latitude is Dell’s business laptop branddesigned and manufactured mainly by Compal and Quanta. Inverter boards fail more often than backlight lamps.

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I have an IBM thinkpad T But, I heard a high pitched squeal coming from the bottom of the monitor. Moddm was working on it definotion some graphics work and the screen dell d630 modem device on high definition audio bus dark. I did get a new inverter FRU 26P from bestcompu. My laptop screen flicks when I pull the lit towards me… It only happens in some angles… It also happens when I turn it on after moving it around.

Fixing backlight problem by replacing inverter

My C battery is not charging my AC cable is working what can I do to tell if I need a new battery. In the process, the screen would flicker as the transfer of power was made.

Is this something that I can repair myself? The definirion bulb is physically located at the bottom of the LCD screen.

Fixing backlight problem by replacing inverter | Laptop Repair

Unfortunately, there is no way to find out what is wrong until you test the laptop with a known good backlight lamp and inverter board. No lines no buzzing. Usually the microswitch is located close to the laptop hinges.

CJ, Thanks for definitio info. I have a problem exactly like discribed for a bad Screen Inverter.

I saved this post to a text document barely seeing what I was doing and restarted the computer. Clean it up and eefinition sure it moves freely.

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