Press button 6 to decrease the value. The cmyk “ID Unit” shows how many pages have been printed in that colour since that ID unit was installed. The littlefuse number is When I turn on my OKI holding the 1 and 2 buttons, it initializes just the same as normal. Is it necessary to replace a chip each time you fill a cartridge? The labels on the bottles said that the toner was for Oki , , series printers.

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Reasons To Shop at Sam’s Toner: Has anyone been successful in replacing a worn or damaged drum??? I took a Cyan starter cartridge from a and emptied out the toner that was left in it okidata b410d the machine said it was empty. It’s not a memory issue.

The other problem I’m having is that the reset chips aren’t expected to be available until June. There was 62 grams of toner left. Press the menu button three times. Tried this on okidata b410d printer and it worked great.

Same has happened to me, no “network” option any more! Case for 6 DVD’s Slim.

okidata b410d If you are a little handy you can do it. After replacing the after market toner with an approved cartridge the color was better but the black still printed light and the streak became more pronounced.

Taiyo Yuden JVC DVD-R – 01

okidata b410d God bless you and may you be rewarded a times for your generosity. Case okidata b410d 5 DVD’s. Black 27mm DVD Case holds 8. The “ID” unit is an imaging drum. I previoulsy rebuilt the Cyan drum and replaced the wiper and it didn’t work either okirata still had vertical streaks and banding.

Taiyo Yuden DVD-R Media :

When i print in full color everything prints except black. Button 6 scrolls backwards 6.

Clean okirata pickup rollers with a toothbrush and alcohol! Plus other people have had problems with loosing okidata b410d printer’s network address and settings. This is a super easy task and can be done in 10 min with simple tools. For those trying to remanufacture your drum units and are suffering vertical streaking down the page, you need to remove the doctor blade silver blade which sits ontop of the rubber developer roller and clean with isopropanol and a okidatta swab.

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Thanks for your help. I did perform the reset and the network still operates, even the IP address remains!!! OKI says they don’t know why. Thank you very much in advance. It also kkidata the toner evenly along the cartridge, as the toner tends to run out on one part of a page first. I trie okidata b410d reset my C It just snaps back into place. The toner cartridge has b401d “tanks”.

Do you have to replace okidata b410d everytime? Don’t try reusing this it’s burned. The selected digit will slowly flash. Black 39mm DVD Case holds Thanks for the help.

Most after market toner is from the same source and thousands of users use this okidata b410d market toner with no problems. Their phone number v410d Save your money, the voodoo cures do not okidata b410d.

Thanks Neale, however this doesn’t appear to work for the C unless anyone okidata b410d found different? It sounds like the paper thickness sensor is acting up.

As you read about my problems: Press button 2 to scroll through menu items button 6 scrolls backwards 6. The drum should last a long time if you clean out the waste toner area on a okidata b410d basis. The extra money is well spent. I okidata b410d replaced my toner cartridge black with a new one in my C and I am getting light okidata b410d printing instead of black. Is there any problem in using that toner for the C If you currently have an error message for toner cartridge life, the message will continue to be shown until after you’ve sent one print job, and then it will usually disappear for awhile.

I think that Uninet is a prime source for toner.

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