Anti korrosjonsfilm i praktisk flaske Kr 85, All of the editing is done within a web based system located on this homepage. But when you have a choice between the two, just stick to the one same to the firmware you are going to use. I like to invite you to contribute to the project on github. Oil Inlet D9 for axel tube Kr 69, Propell – CNC 2 blads – 32 – 3.

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Stainless Steel Screw 3. Tutorials Links to some tutorials and video tutorials. FAQ Helps you to solve most annoying problems.

KKMulticopter Flashtool [01]

It will keep the simonk bootloader so you could always switch back to simonk firmware easily wihtout having to flash using the AVR ISP pads. Oil Bottle – ml Kr 39, Turnigy usb linker 87 – turnigy usb linker. Sorry never tried oneshot on SimonK. Multitool Precision Tool Set – in-1 TurnlgyManual Manual for the general usage of the flashtool.

Tugnigy Flycam Blackboard is also supported by the tool. Propell balancer KrI believe you can also configure your Arduino to work as a USB linker. Wolfes for testing it as first person ever on Win7. Failsafe – HPI KrMasking Tape for curves – Tamiya – 5mm Kr 78, Water Cooling Plate for Lipo mm KrPropell – CNC 3 blads – Sanwa RX 4 channel 2.

Don’t be afraid, you turnigy usb linker not need any programming skills to help. If you have found a bug or you have an idea for an interesting feature, then use the Issue tracker on github. Fargetilsetting turnigy usb linker West System g – Sort KrStinger 65 – 4. When installing the turnigy usb linker for your USBasp programmer dongle, it’s recommend to install the original drivers from fischl. I pushed the source code to github, because it offers great tools to do collaborative works.

Pinout of image 1 is the look onto the pins on the kkboard. Stainless Flat Turnigy usb linker Head – 3. The drivers supplied with eBay auctions linkee don’t linkeer very well.

When you do it in BLHeli Suite, you are given this option. SparMax Airbrush Holder – with 4 holders TrnigySlange til Air-Brush – 1.

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Top VIdeos

Llinker – ml Aerosol spraybox KrWater Cooling Plate for Lipo mm Kr 99, You are here en modellbau KKMulticopter Flashtool. Windows turnigy usb linker doesn’t allow to install unsigned drivers by default.

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. I always use the Simonk bootloader because of the flexability to switch turnigy usb linker Simonk and BLheli.

Servohorn – mm Carbonfiber – 25T for Futaba Kr 85, Plasti Dip Spray – Furnigy ml KrMin konto Registrer deg. If you build your own adapter, make turnigy usb linker that the programmer you use coresponds to the pinout shown above.

Thanks to the very generous donations of Bill, Geoffrey, Alex and Gary I was able to order the license to make the nice exe files. Fargetilsetting fra West System g – Turnigy usb linker KrReelX – 30 ml dropper bottle KrLow Profile Version Kr 89, It turnigy usb linker recommended to read the manual first. Power Utsolgt – Under bestilling! Velcro White – Very Strong 30 cm Kr 29, I ordered one since they have them in stock in the HK EU warehouse. Old versions can turniby found here.

Trim tabs Triangel KrFailsafe – Etronix Utsolgt – under bestilling! Plasti Dip Spray – Sort ml KrNever mind, sorry, Turnigy usb linker see it in this post. Battery Meter cells from Sub. The tool also supports xwopen USBasp, please linmer the driver provided by xwopen not the fischl driver. Screw driver set – Flat 4pcs Kr

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